Submissive Sissy Short Stories Volume 4

Well I am glad that you are reading my book of short stories, I enjoy writing, especially these sissy stories, I know you are out there probably right now sitting in your dark bedroom or in your garage, maybe you have a girlfriend or a wife in the other room who doesn’t know about your little secret, that’s ok I won’t tell on you. Do you have your panties on? Maybe a pair of stockings because you like the way they feel against your legs? You know who you are regardless of what clothes you have on don’t you? You are a little submissive sissy that is who you are and you just love it don’t you. I bet you have such dirty secret little fantasies, maybe your girlfriend or wife plays along with them, or maybe she doesn’t. You will have to be careful what you wish for you know late at night when you have your little penis in your hands and your eyes are closed as you play with yourself, and your dirty little mind goes all out. Could you tell your girlfriend or wife about those things, you know how you want her to take control of your life and force you to be the submissive little slut that you know you are full time. Of course then you would be doing all the chores for her and she might even lock up your little penis as she realizes you are probably not worthy of fucking her anymore and she will have to find someone else to satisfy her sexual needs maybe even while you watch her satisfied by another. Would you like? Is that what goes through your head? Well then I have some interesting stories for you to help with that, or at least you think it is helping you, when in actuality you are probably taking another step down the line in the ever feminization of your life into just what you want it to be. Enjoy the read